Classic British Aircraft The VC 10

Some great footage of this awesome Airliner.
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20 thoughts on “Classic British Aircraft The VC 10

  1. Built by craftsmen at weybridge like my father God bless I'm! He worked on the vc10 more than any other aircraft . Even when the bloody terrorists blew up 4 planes simultaneously at Dawson's field in1970 what was the last plane still burning? The vc10 ! Proof it was quality even the plo couldn't destroy it!

  2. Does anyone know why the English Electric Lightning and Avro Vulcan episodes of this programme were never produced?

  3. What year is this footage? No mention of retiring these planes, so it must have been a while ago.

    Pity they're all gone now.

  4. The elegant Swan,it looked perfect should of sold in its hundreds ,loved the crackle the conways made on take off in the air ,lucky to be shown around a BA one one Sunday morning in the hanger at Heathrow couldn’t do that now with all this security it was 1979 different times and I was 12

  5. Very strange why the European countries never got behind British Aircraft to keep the industry and components and technology in Europe , no they bought American , thick as two planks .

  6. As a child(in 1965), I saw a lot of BOAC VC10 at Kai Tak International Airport in Hong Kong. I have never seen an airplane more elegant than VC10.

  7. The one and only time as a passenger on a VC10 was in 1983 when I was surprised to find it was my return B A flight from Amsterdam to Heathrow having first flown out on a Trident 3, I guess it must have been an extra stop on a long haul from somewhere ? But really a fantastic aircraft.

  8. Had the VC-19 been created a bit earlier, like first flight in mid to late 1959, it would probably sold much better

  9. In this episode of your numerous wonderful posts I suddenly realised that your music choices are expert. 👍🏻😘

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