CREEPY CUSTOMERS!! | Reading YOUR Lets Not Meet Stories

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20 thoughts on “CREEPY CUSTOMERS!! | Reading YOUR Lets Not Meet Stories

  1. NEVER apologize for needing to talk time for yourself. Your health is much more important than an upload schedule.As for content, I'm cool with everything you've been posting, though I perfer they story times over the scary TikToks.

  2. It’s not old, but for an idea you could always describe monsters of different cultures (example: big foot, etc.)

  3. I’m just glad to hear from you! Keep fighting for your health and know that we’re pulling for you????????

  4. Take time whenever you need and don’t feel like you need to apologize . We wouldn’t be privileged enough to have these videos if you didn’t take the time to do the self care that’s necessary ???? part of the reason I love your channel is because of how honest you are with us, that means the most. Ps. I love the videos, it’s been 2 years and I, personally, am not in the least bit bored or tired of your “themes”. Thank you for getting me through some really dark times and just being you.

  5. Thank god you’re back, Coach!! We missed you sm???? And fuck no, we are not getting bored with your content! We all love your content. Your scary stories, the paranormal ones and the “do not meet ones”, all of them! You should also do more reactions to scary videos! Like top 10’s and top 15’s. I have quite a few recommendations, there is one in particular I would love to see your reaction to! But I’m so happy you’re back, and I’m sending you lots of love. I struggle with depression to, so I understand how you feel. Just know that we all love you and we’re here for ya Coach. I know for me, it always makes me happy when I see you posted a new video, and I am absolutely fucking positive I’m not bored of your content! Keep em’ coming love! And if there’s somewhere I can send you links to the creepy/scary YouTube videos, please let me know!❤️❤️❤️

  6. What about doing true crime stories? Or crimes that have been blamed on ghosts? Like the lady who said she was being abused by a ghost, there’s a film based on it, I just can’t remember the name. Just some ideas. Hope you’re okay! I love youuu ????

  7. Courtney u are my favourite youtuber and I have depression and marathon and rewatch ur videos when I’m sad, I love all ur content:) thank u for uploading and I will never get bored of ur current content!

  8. Love you coach!! Thank you, you make my days better. I hope you have the sort of thing that makes your days better too

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