Finally Got My Hands on Qhemet Biologics! | Review

Hello Beautiful People!

Qhemet Biologics recently has a Spring Sale and I have been told by y’all that I need to get my hands on these products. Of course I picked some up and here I am to give you all my thoughts! Check down below for links and prices!

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*Products Mentioned*
– Egyptian Wheatgrass Cleansing Tea .00
– Moringa Tree Conditioning Ghee .00
– Aethiopika Hydrate & Twist Butter .00
– Amla & Olive Heavy Cream .00
– Castor & Amla Nourishing Pomade .50

*products also available at

My Hair Facts
* Last Relaxer: May 2014
* Transitioned for 14 months
* Big Chop: July 2015
* Hair Type: Type 4
* Porosity: Low to Normal

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20 thoughts on “Finally Got My Hands on Qhemet Biologics! | Review

  1. New Subbie 👋🏽Thank you for this review!!!! My eyes have been on these products for awhile since Chary Jay vid both of you have my hair type 4b/4c ❤️I’m ordering the leave in for sure & possibly the heavy cream my hair loves creams!!!!

  2. I've been using this brand for yeeaarrrsss 4c fro at first and now locs. Their products gives moisture and nourishment for dayyss. I stand by their brand and they've been consistent. They're true to their products, ingredients and quality!!

  3. The shampoo is stripping because their products have silicone so it needs ingredients that’ll get the silicone and heavy butters out

  4. I think it’s actually really good to have that squeaky clean feeling, because the whole point of conditioners is to put that moisture back in!😊

  5. i really like the amla oil heavy cream. its moisturizing and last a long time. i have used mine for like 2 years, mostly as a sealant as used mainly during winter/ fall. I think its a good deal considering the value. honeslty ppl spend tond of money trying all sorts of products, but sometimes complain about high priced stuff. cheap products add up too. have less stuff and just have less products of good quality.

  6. I’ve loved these products ever since I was in college (almost 10 yrs ago). Love your results! In the winter time, for the extra moisture, I love using the heavy cream and placing the butter on top of that. This way can be a little heavy for the summer, but that’s when most use the burdock cream and the butter together. I just bought products from Sephora, to then see CurlBox has this brand for their birthday box, so it was $40 well spent 🙌🏾

  7. Tea based products will give you that squeaky clean feeling. The same feeling you would get with a tea rinse. Your hair came out really pretty.

  8. Qhemet Biologics is on my list – ive heard so much about it.
    your style came out so pretty – winner winner for sure ☺👍☺

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