Hardfloor – "Acperience 1"

Hardfloor - "Acperience 1"

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20 thoughts on “Hardfloor – "Acperience 1"

  1. Nice one mate! It is the original and the best isn't it? Where was the club? How come it was open? (Or is your message from ages)

  2. Will never forget seeing these two perform this live. Still got this image of their heads bobbing up and down continuously & the crowd was going absolutely mental. Never seen anything like it at any kind of show, just to two geeks behind a mixing desk. Absolute magic memories!

  3. The first duo to take the 303 and make it their own. Loads of other great artists took the 303 to a certain standard (Hawtin, etc) and then Hardfloor turned up and said, we fkin own this baby. 30+ years later they still doing it. This was the first track I heard (Orbit in Leeds, 1993, DJ was maybe CJ Bolland altho I'd have to check) and I fell in love with them immediately. I am still in love this many years later. I try to make a 303 sound like this and, well, it's harder than these guys make it sound.

  4. An absolute classic! 👊👏This brings back good memories of the early 90's. Tracks like this R rare these days..

  5. what an amazing tune. Tripped out to this soooo many times. Music to delight the soul and make your ears thankful to be alive

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