10 Animated Movies That Are Made For Parents, Not Kids

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A majority of animated movies are geared directly towards children. Of course, there are adult television shows like Family and the Simpsons, but the movie realm is mostly for kids. There are exceptions though, and parents want to make sure none of these movies slip into their digital queue at home. If you are an adult who loves animation, then some of these movies might be right up your alley.
Fritz the Cat is unlike anything you’ve seen animated before. It’s crude, politically incorrect, and features racist undertones. Many families enjoyed watching Justice League together, but they probably shouldn’t gather around to watch the violence and scenes in Justice League Dark. Plague Dogs will haunt anyone who watches the incredibly sad film about animals getting experiments done on them and features a lot of intense violence. Aqua Teen Hunger Force pushed the limits as a television show and took things even further with their theatrical movie. There are a lot of animated holiday classics, but Eight Crazy Nights doesn’t exact scream family togetherness. Cool World attempts to be like Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but pushes the elements to an extreme. Starship Troopers: Invasion is not a film that should get confused with Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Jay and Silent Form return to their animated form with drugs, crude humor, and superheroes. Evil Toons is a low-budget horror film featuring nudity, violence, and a crazy wolf monster. Sausage Party pushes the limits on adult humor with gags, jokes, and visuals that could make many people feel uncomfortable. Watch to see 10 animated movies made for parents!

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20 thoughts on “10 Animated Movies That Are Made For Parents, Not Kids

  1. When i was little my sister made me watch a horror movie that is full of blood '_'
    Im so glad i refused

  2. Omggg me and my mom thought sausage party was for kids so we watched it 2 mins in dry humping

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