i made a video 'For Kids' to see what would happen… (FTC COPPA Rule)

With the new FTC COPPA rule coming into play on YouTube, what actually happens when you make a video ‘For Kids’? Well, in this video I actually see what happens so you don’t have to. The results were not what I was expecting!


Petition: https://www.change.org/p/youtubers-and-viewers-unite-against-ftc-regulation

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20 thoughts on “i made a video 'For Kids' to see what would happen… (FTC COPPA Rule)

  1. How to biomass this just say fuck three times in the beginning of the video so you can market not for kids simple

  2. Youtube after disabling miniplayer for videos made for kids: Well boys we did it, pedophilia is no more.

  3. It may not have worked for you but you shouldn’t claim bs on it it’s the FTC that said it not youtubers

  4. It's nice how this ruined so many starting youtubers or even kids that got interested in a carear in yt, so COPPA the thing that's supposed to protect kids, ruines many kids' lives.

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