Is this video made for kids? How to determine if your videos are made for kids or not.

YouTube is currently making massive changes on it’s platform to distinguish what content is made for kids on YouTube.

This is in accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act ( COPPA )

This will help content creators and YouTube comply with the law

(COPPA), forbids owners of commercial websites and online services from collecting data from children under the age of 13 without explicit consent from their parents.

The FTC fined google 0 million settlement for allegedly violating children’s privacy.

And they came to an agreement with the FTC to effect these changes and comply with the law

Your content is not made for kids if you target people older than 13.
Thankfully most bloggers don’t target kids and it is safe to mark your video as ‘’’not made for kids’’

Some Questions Answered in the video.

0:36 What is the new YouTube made for kids content policy?
1:10 Why has YouTube implemented the new made for kids content policy?
1:27 How do I know if my YouTube videos are “made for kids”?
2:21 When should YouTube creators identify each video as ”made for kids” for COPPA compliance?
3:41 Why are ‘made for kids’ YouTube videos not showing any comments? and end screens?
4:14 What revenue impact will it make on my YouTube videos if I select that my content is not made for kids, per the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act?
4:38 Can I still earn from YouTube if I set all my videos made for kids as YouTube updates the new policy?
5:16 Why will anyone select the ‘made for kids’ option on YouTube if it brings less ad revenue?
5:48 What actually happens if you set your YouTube channel as “not made for ‘kids’ [sic]”? Does it mean that children will be restricted from viewing them?
6:16 In YouTube Studio, it has two options for us to pick: “Yes, this video is made for kids” and “No, this video is not made for kids”. I’m creating a video about music and it can be for kids and adults, which option should I pick?

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5 thoughts on “Is this video made for kids? How to determine if your videos are made for kids or not.

  1. hi question, im uploading my daughter's videos.Her singing and dancing videos while at school. Is it made for kids? also my videos are not monetized. thanks 🙂

  2. Omg that was my prob. Now bec my content is family vlog ang there a lot of kids xposure thats why my comment section was locked.but i set it not made for kids.bec i think my videos friendly and not spg.

  3. I was a little bit confused at first since I haven't started my channel yet. This video kind of clarifies things for me. Thanks for sharing.

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