Is Your Content MADE FOR KIDS? ▷ YouTube & COPPA

Is Your Content MADE FOR KIDS? ▷ YouTube & COPPA

Not sure how the new COPPA rules on YouTube affect your channel and how to change settings that your channel doesn’t get penalized? In this video you learn how to change the Made for Kids settings on YouTube and everything about COPPA and YouTube.

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00:20 – What’s COPPA?
01:00 – Changes for videos with COPPA’s new YouTube rules
01:53 – YouTube COPPA settings
03:42 – “Video made for kids”. What does it mean?
05:39 – You don’t change settings. What happens?
06:10 – Executive summary

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (in short COPPA) is a US law from 2000 that is set to protect the personal information of children under 13 years old. However, only in 2019, the agreement between YouTube and the US Federal Trade was reached as a result of which some important changes were made to YouTube policies.

YouTube COPPA Changes
When you change YouTube’s ‘Made for kids’ setting to YES the following 3 things change:
1) No personalized advertisements get displayed before, during or after your video. This will get potentially get you lower revenues.
2) Commenting on your video is no longer possible.
3) The cards and end screens features are not available for this video. This means you cannot link to external sites.

What happens to your channel if you change settings to “Made for kids”
1) No stories
2) No community tab
3) No notifications
4) No channel membership

If you don’t change your settings, YouTube will set them with algorithms. Basically, it will be guessing whether your videos are made for children or not. If they guess incorrectly, there will be no monetization and no comments for your channel. Therefore, it’s important to set setting correctly so that your videos don’t get penalized.

What does Made for Kids mean?
Made for kids – videos where the main audience are children of the age of under 13 or videos that also target this group. To be more precise “made for kids” counts if you:
1) make videos where the subject directly targets children (tutorials for preschooler e.g.),
2) make videos which include children as actors,
3) your videos include toys or cartoon animated figures that generally appeal to children,
4) language of the video is specially made for kids,
5) video includes activities that are especially targeted toward children like early education songs or games for children.

How to set your video’s audience
As a YouTube creator, you are required to set future and existing videos as made for kids or not. If you choose not to select a channel setting, you’ll be required to identify each video on your channel that’s made for kids. If you choose this option, you’ll need to set each existing and future video as made for kids or not. To set the audience on a video level you need to follow 6 steps:

1. Sign in to
2. On the left menu, click Settings.
3. Click Channel.
4. Click the Advanced Settings tab.
5. Under Audience, select:
a) “Yes, set this channel as made for kids. I always upload content that’s made for kids.”
b) “No, set this channel as not made for kids. I never upload content that’s made for kids.”
c) “I want to review this setting for every video.”
6. Click Save.

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  1. Hi everyone! Hope that you're doing great today (despite these new regulations). Let's share thoughts and ideas on how COPPA can change the rules in the YouTube game. Click "read more" to see all the contents of this video:
    00:20 – About COPPA

    01:00 – Changes for your videos

    01:18 – Changes for your channel

    01:53 – Why it is important to change MADE FOR KIDS settings

    02:12 – How to change the "Made for Kids" settings

    03:42 – “Video made for kids”. What does it mean?

    05:39 – You don’t change settings. What happens?

    06:10 – Executive summary


  3. Bro i watched i have channel created but most of the videos which i upload are my kids and i select not for kids do i will get revenue ?

  4. I'm glad I never fell for their gimmicks, who actually wants to be famous on this platform? Make them money and you get 5% back

  5. This is very annoying, i want people to comment on my video, "how to turn of minecraft cave sounds" but when i turn it on for kids, it just disables the comment section, and when i put it for older age, it just disables for kids, which is actually mainly supposed to be for them because they are the ones who play minecraft

  6. I really want to mark my channel as not for kids. As my videos do have bad words. But some of my videos are safe for kids but there not made for them. What should I do?

  7. Hi i want to upload birthday celebrations video of my 2 year kid, which includes birthday song, baloons, cake cutting etc. should i select the video made for kids or not. thanks in advance

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