MADE FOR KIDS videos on YouTube and what you need to do

If you have a YouTube channel you will have received an email yeasterday telling you that you need to update your settings and mark your channel as ‘MADE FOR KIDS’ or not. Let me clarify what this means.
This article will help you determine if your video is ‘made for kids’ –

Any questions, please ask away below.

5 thoughts on “MADE FOR KIDS videos on YouTube and what you need to do

  1. Tremendous, thank you! I made the same mistake… I'm pleased your video popped up as a suggestion! Now subscribed! 👍

  2. Nice one!!! You should have way more views. I recommend checking out SMZeus!! It’s a very powerful tool, you can promote all of your social media profiles, YouTube videos etc!

  3. honestly people that target "made for child" are aiming for quick cash grab/ subscribers. You don't even have to make quailty content just make videos about popular topics or just review store bought items

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