Youtube Marks MURDER TRIAL as Made for Kids… (COPPA Update)

Youtube Marks MURDER TRIAL as Made for Kids... (COPPA Update)

►Youtube’s COPPA Update has been mislabeling videos for several days now. “Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared,” Family Guy clips, and other adult content has been being marked as for kids. However, this time Youtube marked an ACTUAL MURDER TRIAL as made for kids. This shows that youtube’s audience labeling bots are not functioning properly, and need to be fixed immediately. Let me know what you guys think about this situation in the comments below.

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20 thoughts on “Youtube Marks MURDER TRIAL as Made for Kids… (COPPA Update)

  1. Sorry for the occasional popping noises throughout the video, I think my mic has run its course ????

  2. Blame on Lauren is purse on adult swim too like what the hell blame the ftc are hellhole she needs to go burning in hell

  3. This video: Gets marked as “For Kids” because the judge said “Baby”
    Justin Beiber: “(*chuckes*) I’m in danger”

  4. If the "KIDS Act" becomes law, then I'd say that AT LEAST 90 percent of all YouTube videos will be marked by YouTube as "for kids" because the KIDS Act would move the age goalpost from under 13 to under 16! If this "KIDS Act" does pass, then I can see Ed Fartkey Markey ultimately moving that goalpost all the way up to under 21! And I can also see that same law raising the federal age of majority from 18 to 21! If THAT happens, then that will generate a HUGE dumpster fire for the courthouses, which will suddenly see a flood of death row inmates looking to have their death sentences reviewed because they had committed their capital crimes between the ages of 18 and 20 (the U.S. Supreme Court had, years ago, declared imposing the Death Penalty on minors unconstitutional).

  5. It's way more than just this. I searched up and this was one of the first youtube about this topic. I'll go ahead and watch the other videos. I also want to say I made this paragraph on reddit however I'm posting it on here as well. No then just forget this whole filler portation and continue reading.There is multiple examples. The oingo boing ending for jojo bizarre adventure is marked as kids. At timestamp 0:57 behind the two brothers there is literally a dead guy.the video from 2007 grandpa found the cars at the very beginning there is the f word on a billboard. Said billboard says your ad here fucker. Lately i saw this in my recommended. A clip from scooby do mystery incorporated title Daphne in her underwear is interrogated by the police. It too is marked by YouTube's coppa bot. This is really out of hand and something needs to be fixed. There is multiple examples seen in this youtube:

    Here are the links for the rest of the videos:

    Sorry for being late however I just wanted to show some evidence.

  6. 0:09 Lily’s Reaction To Me Calling The Loud House The Porn House Because It’s Ponyshit

  7. youtube's bots must be drunk, i was watching a sword forging video and it was made for kids

  8. I found out that videos related to murderer and semen are “ok” for kids? ????????????????????????

  9. Maybe they didn't know how to disable comments and marked the video as for kids ????????????????????????????????????????

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