YouTube says Drug songs are "made for kids"

showing how Coppa is killing youtube and not protecting children like they said they would… videos like trippie redd’s rap songs are classed as “made for children”.

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20 thoughts on “YouTube says Drug songs are "made for kids"

  1. This is going to sound nerdy but YouTube fucking makes me so mad I feel like I can go fucking super Saiyan

  2. Made for kids:
    -kids toy channel
    -thomas and friends
    -transformers(some of them are not)
    -power rangers(some of them are not)
    -lego(some of them are not)
    -video game (some of them are not)
    -gaming channel(some of them are not)
    Thats all things Made for kids

  3. There is even a YTP video that is 'made for kids' saying "Nigga, Fuck, Shit, and other racial, and swear words."

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