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20 thoughts on “"Millionaire" Forex Trader Exposed? – FxLifestyle

  1. What if all these products and luxurious lifestyle is sponsored by his
    affiliate broker "IQ OPTION" just to lure people into the platform and
    in return he get his cut???

  2. Thanks for sharing. Anyone on here know if you know what you are doing is forex viable? Could you make, say 20x your money in a year (if you are very disciplined etc). Not for me…. I know nothing of trading but a friend of mine seems to earning a lot

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  4. What about fx capital jackpot strategy millionaire project. Does anyone know if this is legit ? Im looking to buy the course

  5. The secret of a successful trade on Forex! Leading trade since 2006. Now has developed a strategy, which brings profit of 100-150% per month! This method is very simple! A very simple and accessible information! For the novice trader and not only! Masterfx ru

  6. God bless this expert trader Carlos_1uptrades on insta. Ten thousand USD in 4days through forex, what a boost

  7. I don’t know from where he’s getting the free signals but it’s its really making me a profit.

    And if I’m a millionaire I wouldn’t charge people to give them vip signals I’ll just give them for free.

    In the video you didn’t expose anything about him you just giving us how is he making money.
    He could be a trader too and maybe he not nobody knows.
    Maybe he’s getting his signals from a pro and give it to other people.

    Nobody knows but I’m 100% positive that he’s not the one making the signals as you can see in his laptops the charts isn’t moving.

    And I’m 100% positive that he’s not a millionaire or have a lot of money as you can see in his videos when iPhone 11 came out in the market his phone is still old

    You can try his free signals cuz a lot of them are really making profit.

  8. Hello mates please do not be deceived by this fake people out there.I got scam twice before now,as a beginner it’s not really easy to know the right broker,until I met this man in the store ? when he was talking to a student I head him talking about forex which got my attention to him,I told him my story and he asked me if I’m still interested again which I told him yes. and he started helping me,now at least I am not the best but I am really making a huge profit as I invest,if you are interested please contact him now. he is very honest and trustworthy,contact him now at ([email protected])Stay safe all of you

  9. I’ve made so much money with fxlifestyle signals how is he a scam???? He is a little bit flashy but he is honestly pretty we’ll invested in forex weather he used to not be but he is now

  10. Bro i personally checked his signals on his free telegram channel….i can say they r on point and many people earning on those free signals itself…. I am not his marketing person but I think what he actually doing is helping people atleast giving some free signals…. After that ur call

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