Edo Politics: Controversial Court Orders Trail Planned Election

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12 thoughts on “Edo Politics: Controversial Court Orders Trail Planned Election

  1. All the whole politician in Nigeria are not straight forward, is very shameful for men who call them self a leader, corruption to the bottom to the end, The western world is laughing at you people who call them self a leader,

  2. He is a great governor. Ihama is fighting a losses battle. Because he is fighting with the whole entire edo people's.

  3. Obaseki need to go to church for prayers, because anywhere he goes problems follows him,,.. you are not coming back again as governor,it is time for you to go and learn some work like the former lagos state governor.. your time is over obaseki, and don't waste edo state money for nonsense.

  4. Ogbeide ihama has no brain at all he is not a politician he does not have the capacity to win d primaries even without Obaseki. People without impact will always make noise.

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