Edward Said – Framed: The Politics of Stereotypes in News

Palestinian-American literary historian Edward Said showed how the West had the power to represent the colonial ‘other’ – while simultaneously leaving them silent.

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Narrated by Sorious Samura, Sierra Leonean investigative journalist
Designed and animated by Ermina Takenova

20 thoughts on “Edward Said – Framed: The Politics of Stereotypes in News

  1. Unfortunately for the nations, peoples and cultures that the West despises or looks down upon, the already negative but false perceptions of the "other" will keep for a while yet being splashed out to the world through the prism of colonialist mindset !!!

  2. can we ask anyone in any other part of the world how they view Americans or jews … or is this just a one-way lens?

  3. stereotypes have nothing to do with colonialism. There are stereotypes too among different westener countries (french a lovers/cooks, german engineers,English trade etc….). This video is complete BS. When people are isolated from each other they will produce stereotypes, end of story. No need to add victimhood bs to the mix

  4. Vele Vele Al Jazeera! The stories we are told the history we are taught confine us as Africans, Arabs, Asians and Latin Americans in single primitive boxes while the truth could be no further this exemplified
    even more in modern day Western Popular Culture. Thank Al Jazeera for being a voice to the oppressed and perhaps teach those still even if innocently ignorant.

  5. The world will always remember u Edward Said for ur work on Orientalism .
    U woke us up straight .

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