GREAT NEWS! One of the Worst Guys in Politics Steve King Just Lost!

Cenk Uygur checks in live to discuss Steve King’s primary night loss.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur

Cast: Cenk Uygur


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20 thoughts on “GREAT NEWS! One of the Worst Guys in Politics Steve King Just Lost!

  1. It's a sad day for all "racist" in Iowa. Nationalist lost their "idiot" who represents nothing, won't be able to pick-up free money from the Government anymore for doing nothing.

  2. Wow! You knew coved was coming back when Trump became president? 40 million unemployment is because of Trump? You know the entire world has basically at least 10-20% unemployment? You are going to completely ignore all time record unemployment pre-coved? And how come all the governors are completely unaccountable? How does that work? This is like sesame st news…

  3. The trump circle of mafiosos one by one will hit the dust sooner or later, continue backing up this sick man who doesn't want to respect the constitution and the republican party will regret it in the future.
    I know there is some good republicans but is only a hand full.

  4. But wait, didn't EUROPE do the SAME THING? The AMERICAS, NEW ZEALAND, AUSTRALIA and parts of AFRIKA. There were PEOPLE in those places. How about something recent? SOUTH AFRIKA! Why would Europeans leave the "paradise" of western Europe to live on a continent where they had nothing in common with the natives? They treated them like CRAP but when the shoes changed feet all of a sudden they are "victims", yeah, ok…????????????????????????????????????????

  5. MSNBC and any other news source (competitor) should pay TYT a fee for following up with their clips after your clips. They are trying to ride on your coat tails. Don't let them get away with it.

  6. The reason Trump (Con Don) is not wearing a mask most likely has to do with his fear of smearing his facial paint (decoration) he puts on his face every morning. One can see the true pale color of his skin on his ear- lope and skin around his eyes. Let us call it fake youthful look. Joe Biden should take a hot towel to his debate with Con-Don asking him to rub off his face to expose him.

    He most likely prefers seniors, who are in medical programs, die paving the way for him to pass another tax cut for his buddies. A similar choice from Chuck Grassley’s point of view will be called death panel if Obama was the president but his silence approves anything Con Don does is fine with him.

    In rush to open the worship places, where mostly seniors attend, it fits this vision perfectly as certain news outlets were approving letting seniors die. Let seniors die so Con Don could give another tax cut to his rich buddies. He wants to get the house to change the constitution allowing him to have Trump Dynasty rule for next 50 years.

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