India election 2019: The faces of Hindu nationalism – BBC News

Ever since Narendra Modi swept to power in 2014, India has seen a resurgence in right-wing Hindu nationalism. The Indian PM has made it the cornerstone of his ongoing re-election campaign

Video by Nitin Srivastava and Debalin Roy

Post production by Kinjal Pandya-Wagh and Paul Mullen.

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20 thoughts on “India election 2019: The faces of Hindu nationalism – BBC News

  1. For 800 years Islamist have broken all historical monuments of India.
    And convert most of the hindus .
    Don't you see that BBC.

  2. हिन्दू हिन्दू भाई भाई
    No more sickularism so called secularism

  3. BBC can't see the glory of Hindus. BBC is totally biased organization spreading hatred in India.

  4. Muslim countries are scared of Modi cause he is stopping their pig like breeding and controlled radical islamic terrorism , well that makes sense ????????????

  5. Irony is UK is slowly converting to muslim majority nation. Keep checking your far off cousin when ur own house is filled with killers????????????

  6. BBC answer for your all worry. yes india is heading toward become a hindu country through democratic way. you mullah mouth piece can cry as much you like.

  7. Dear all weatern,jihadi,Communist media including British Bullshit channel (BBC) thanks for consolidating Hindu vote bank.Dhanyawaad

  8. @bbc this type of content not acceptable from your channel , you people are targeting one particular community , and showing them , they are blind I #requested to all my brother and friends of India un subscribe this channel this channel try to make religion conflict between hindu community and muslim community

  9. Modi is divided India vary easily divided the diversity of India and create the Hindu fist policy

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