Politicians condemn racism in Canada, amid George Floyd protests | Power & Politics

Canadian politicians spoke out against anti-black racism after days of massive street protests against police brutality in U.S. and Canadian cities.

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20 thoughts on “Politicians condemn racism in Canada, amid George Floyd protests | Power & Politics

  1. You know what you ALL know that this has gone on for years…however it takes a horrific tragic event to raise this issue….otherwise it is swept under the carpet….its about ALL people…black…white…Asian. ..our native community. ..right down to the handicapped. …it is not isolated to just one ethnic group….Asian ND still things remain unchanged….Every human walks this earth the same way….evil prevails when good men refuse to stand up and be heard…the government and their little cliques of politics hold the human factor at bay…..

  2. It sad but I know a Guyanese Indian said to me he will not vote for the ndp because of jagmeet singh 's race. He is also indian, indeed I rebuked him.

  3. To Winston Best: Do I sound like a clown for some inherent reason or because I have a different opinion than you? People like you seem to believe that anyone who doesn't follow your doctrines are unworthy. Shame on you! You seem to believe in a completely homogenous society. You are ignorant to disallow multiple points of view and rational discussion.

  4. How about racism against Russians, Slavic and Orthodox Christians? jews , islamic, blacks , etc. hate immigrants from East Europe. All 23 years in Canada I've lived (survived) in fear, now it turned in a disaster!

  5. There is a huge racism issue in Canada. It's systemic, valid, and continues to exist…. every….. single…….. day…… for the Indigenous Peoples, Blacks and anyone who has a different skin colour than white. Ever heard of the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women as well????? That's only the tip of the huuuuuge iceberg.

  6. Racism, The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others, Discrimination or prejudice based on race.
    The belief that each race has distinct and intrinsic attributes??? Murder, The killing of another person without justification or excuse, especially the crime of killing a person with malice aforethought or with recklessness manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life. Now think on your two feet and stand up with the law???


    The following is taken directly from the govenment of Canada's website:

    "Under the Indian Act, status Indians, also known as registered Indians, may be eligible for a range of benefits, rights, programs and services offered by the federal and provincial or territorial governments."

    We need to work together to abolish this systemic racism and give all Canadians equal opportunity. Nobody should be denied privileges just because of their racial background.

    Copy and paste if you agree.

  8. Attention: The Pandemic has been suspended due to [insert rage bait here], please report to your local herd immunity distribution centre. That is all…

  9. Racism exists everywhere, Canada is no exception. The more broad and succinct human right abuses in Canada though, are focused on the covert police activities against the poor, young and downtrodden. How many covert Toronto police and OPP are in our schools and workplaces? How many of them are agent provocateurs who operate without ANY oversight or accountability? Generating "business" for their agency, justifying big budgets to "keep an eye on things"?

    This is Canadas most pressing issue, and few are talking about it within Canada. It is so prevalent that is has hurt our competitiveness, our relationship with allies, at the UN Human Rights council, and, foreign investors who want to hire the best and operate in a free, civilized and accountable country. Canada has the second highest % of expat on the planet. We are losing our most talented, while underlying abuses of power, be it due to race or socio-economic status, has ensured we continue to lose more. The world knows our economy is one to avoid and many of them know why.

    Canadas best healthcare workers, innovators, entrepreneurs, high tech engineers, A.I developers, leave is large masses. Until our politicians care and force change, these abuses and harm to our nation will continue.

  10. American system is very biased. It takes advantage on the vulnerable. Example; forget about race, lets say you're an average income Canadian on tour in the US, you get mistakenly arrested by cop. Your chance of going to jail or having a criminal conviction is higher based on your inability to afford a good lawyer; which are very expensive. So you take a corrupt state funded public defender or you plead guilty to avoid expenses. Now you're facing jail, deportation or a plea bargain which would make you walk free but police can continue harrassing you forever they use your conviction againts you in every future runnings with the law. They use that to arrest you or threaten to search you for minor everyday offences that everyone commits such as Jay-walking or tinted windows, defective park lights in cars etc and you are stripped of certain rights and priviliges such as voting etc. When you are born black in the US, keep all the above in mind anytime you step on the street.

  11. Indigenous First Nations are being murdered by law enforcement and RCMP at higher rates than blacks. That’s why RCMP was formed because of the indigenous on our own native lands

  12. What's happening here in Regina that our voices have not been heard in solidarity with George Floyd. I will head to the road even if alone to say what happened to George Floyd was simply being hanged on a tree with a robe just because he was Black

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