Top headlines from the political world

Top headlines from the political world

CBS News contributor and congressional correspondent for the Washington Post Ed O’Keefe joins CBSN to analyze all of Monday’s political news — including the White House’s response to questions about Roy Moore and how lawmakers are reacting to President Trump putting North Korea back on the list of state sponsors of terror.

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  1. You should have to stand for Our national anthem! And be proud to live in the country that we are blessed to live in. And it's simple if you do not like Country you live in. Just pack up and leave! Don't be disrespectful To the country that has given you everything you have. Coming from nothing and ending up rich. How many other countries and socialist countries can you say that about.

  2. This is all nonsense, 100 reasons to worry about complete nonsense… Salvation is thru Jesus. If you choose to accept the gift of salvation, Jesus will save you.

  3. So what is trumptrash up to now? Over a week ago Trump almost wrecked the stock market by making it,(not the fed) drop by over 800 points and coming close to crashing our economy.


  5. When a President asks a Muslim President who had his own father Dr. Barrack Hussein Obama Sr assassinated, to rape his Slovenian Orthodox wife four times and keeps asking him to go into the Trump Tower and sodomize her over and over again, and then this same President, namely President Donald Trump, received an email from me so as to drop all cases against the United States, he says that he didn't care anyway and keeps insulting me and saying that my father was a homosexual and that he sodomized him and that his own father also sodomized him and that my father also sodomized President Trump's mother using a rubber and made love to her using a rubber and made him think that President that he was my brother, and when President Donald Trump sodomized his own son Baron 'to keep him under control' and made him into a homosexual like himself — what can I say to such a President? And then President Trump refuses to make peace with Chairman Kim of North Korea, even though the Chairman of North Korea went to Vietnam to make it possible that the Vietnamese people should also unite the North and the South. And then North Korea's Chairman Kim offers to recognize the State of Israel, but President Donald Trump goes back home and accuses the North Korean Chairman Xi of still being a problem and then President Trump tries to drive a wedge between North Korea and the Western Allies — what do you say about such a divisive President like President Obama? I can understand Speaker of the House and Senator Minority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer who want to win the Presidency for the Democratic Party and they don't care about impeaching President Trump, because that would disrupt their effectiveness in winning the White House in 2020. So everybody wins. And then President Obama deliberately does nothing about having the murderer of the Patriarch of the Ancient Church of the East, Elisha Yonathan born in Baghdad and who shot Mar Dinkha IV twice, and still President Donald Trump does nothing. Instead President Trump gives more money to the Assyrian 'leaders' in Chicago beyond the one billion dollars he already gave them — just not to give me restitution in the amount of $75 million for the present US Government who openly has seen Dr. John Cooley Gunnell, the still President Obama, and others from the US Government, such as FBI Director James Comey, who coordinated the operation from the helicopter so as I might get shot, and I lucked out when Joyce Banks, who still has a CIA badge who protected me. So from March 28th, 2011 until today, Dr. John Cooley Gunnell, convicted murderer of the six million Jews from WW II, continues to make threats against my life and against my life — when is President Donald Trump going to be brought to justice, not for what he did against me, but for not extraditing President Obama and his co-conspirator to Kenya for the assassination of Dr. Barrack Hussein Obama Sr? Victor Nimrud Alexander, sole heir of Nimrud Alexand and the owner of the UN Building which my father was never reimbursed for? Vic Alexander

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