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20 thoughts on “UHURU's NEW ALLIANCE: What next for DP Ruto? | INSIDE POLITICS WITH BEN KITILI

  1. What is the out come of backstabbing. NO.1 Shuold ask himself.This is kenya of 2010 not of 1963 as they cheat theme

  2. A super alliance is silencing party followers and eventually killing democracy, and back to Kanu style politics. ????????????????????????

  3. Sorry what has this idiot president done for the 6-7 years he has been leader that he think he can do in 2 years. What hasn’t he been not able to pass.

  4. The most surprising thing iis that, Uhuru has been the president for almost 8years now,so instead of finishing well he is starting new,WTF is going on with this president.I think he is insane go home and have time ya kulewa you have no legacy and nothing to remember you with,you failed our country terribly and sold it to Chinese F**k

  5. When i die and go to heaven and may be i find anybody who was kanu, i will definitely know am in hell

  6. Kanu and hell are the same, kenyans the devil we knew was kanu now that our president has joined the satan for succession that's why he's demolishing house's for the poor. Kanu killed our heroes, the same way the jubilee is doing to Kenyans.

  7. Tuwache ujinga tukimbize Singapore kamaa si tamaa haki tungekua african tiger tumeweka siasa mingi mbele tunafaa kuwa tunaongelea venye subsidize our farmers to ensure food security tumaliza maghetto ma highrise kwa wingi tuunde matram ma underground tumalize system ya mathree tuondoe mabodaboda kwa barabara cause these are thugs get away tupatie vijana kazi huko konza tunyonge wafisadi tupatie wanyonge social security it time to free institutions watoi wetu wakuwe proud of us hii kidomo mingi haisaidii developing a country is not a rocket science its just kujitolea na kutengana na tamaa haki tutasonga tufikie korea natuwaache kwa mataa kujaribu ni poa

  8. when did bichache turn into this fool? am shocked at his logic. but overall very useless and shallow content as is usual with kenya media

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