What has triggered political turmoil in Malaysia? I Inside Story

Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed has long been seen as a master of Malaysian politics.
His shock resignation on Monday has triggered speculation over what he may be planning.
He’s been resisting pressure to set a deadline to hand over power to his named successor, Anwar Ibrahim.
They put aside their decades-long rivalry in 2018, and that partnership brought Mahathir back into power.
Under the deal, Mahathir promised to hand over the top job to Ibrahim.
Now the ruling government has collapsed and political parties are rushing to forge alliances to form a new one.
So, will Mahathir come back to power through a different political partnership?
And what’s motivated this, just two years after a surprise comeback?

Presenter: Adrian Finighan

Bridget Welsh, Political Analyst and Senior Research Associate of the Center for East Asia Democratic Studies at National Taiwan University.
Anto Mohsin, Assistant Professor at Northwestern University, focusing on South East Asia.
Ibrahim Suffian, Pollster and Executive Director of the Merdeka Center for Opinion Research.

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20 thoughts on “What has triggered political turmoil in Malaysia? I Inside Story

  1. new world history was created where its prime minister toppled his own government. it happened only in Malaysia. LOL

  2. Rayat ikat prut ank beranak Kau beliuner hsil rompkan pjec2 bsaran kerajan sampai boleh bli kapalterbang duit hram mkan babi

  3. Goodbye. Malaysia will always be Malaysia Truly Muslim Country and will always under Allah protection from the enemy of anti Islam movement by the westerners.

  4. Need to structure the geography, ethnicity in each seat of parliamentary or state EC bcoz rite now it can be manipulate with small area which have big population n different on number ethnicity gap n big area with less population …neither 10 years on 2030 this fellow,playmate will happen again

  5. Anwar shouldn't coprate with mahthar he is undemocratic mahthar play out many time Anwar must keep distance with mahthar 8 PM mahthar never get chance his blood brother myuddyin play out

  6. What Will happen when stupid idiots and fools run a country? U will get a stupid country. Can't fix stupid.

  7. Rather than carrying out the manifesto on which he was elected, Dr Mahathir took his eye off the ball and also in the process failed to guard his back from members of his own party who were in fact renegades of the corrupt party. Mahathir started straying away into international politics eg picking on India in its internal politics and thereby losing massive income from India from sale of palm oil. He then started trying to head an Islamic group of countries which incl Pakistan the great holder of minority human rights etc. This ended in failure. Having been elected by nearly all the races of Malaysia he strayed into the lobby of people who wanted to give rights to one predominant race. He is the victim of the two-faced politics he was playing. By his own actions he had outlived his usefulness to Malaysia.

  8. A bunch of backward kampung idiots mentality – and does not know how to run/govern a proper govt's. Just sit on their lazy @#@#%^ and collect / robbing / cheating all the $$$$$ wealth of the people of decent Malaysian. What's a kiosk!!

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