Why Politics Will Never Be the Same – BBC News

What happens next with Brexit? How will Boris Johnson’s victory affect money in your pocket? Find out what the future holds for the Conservatives, Labour and Scotland.

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20 thoughts on “Why Politics Will Never Be the Same – BBC News

  1. Not news, Not journalism, Not journalist, Activist who some times do news, who work for completely selfish, ridiculously wealthy, authoritarian globalist government want to be's!

  2. BBC should be renamed the lpbc. Labour Party broadcasting cretins. Bye bye BBC you'll soon be gone.

  3. The whole country united under one leader and one ideological viewpoint…..one party..one voice..one way…one ruler..one system…one colour….one objective…….we are the Borg….!…we have been assimilated…so damn glad communism didn’t win….we’d all have different thoughts….that’s not good for our democracy…

  4. Judith Moritz – ''Blaming Brexit!'' ,,….really? When 63% voted in favour of it! Prejudicial commentary
    from the far left BBC as ever – a sinister, deranged Marxist organisation.

  5. The Shiners(Shriners)own the Federal Reserve!!!!! Adam&Eve!!!!!! And we are the new world order!!!! Read Revelation WW4 2/16/2019!!! See Damascus! Leveled!!!!! Ezekiel for how!!!!

  6. Wee Jimmy cranky alias nicola sturgeon will be marching on London demanding freedom from tyranny then selling the Scottish people into slavery with the EU.
    Should be interesting when the EU pick there first fight on the world stage and Scottish young men and women will be fighting and dieing on the orders of the EU commission.
    Boris better not get the English involved its great to have a war when you don't have to go and fight in it.
    That's 1 thing that could take the conservatives down is another unnecessary war

  7. The future's so bright, I gotta wear sun glasses. Trump effect sweeping the planet. Boris will find Britons will now become infected with BDS: Boris Derangement Syndrome. It's similar to TDS, Trump Derangement Syndrome but with more flair. Cheers.

  8. Prediction 2020 BBC will change tactic every however small the event of a firm going bust will be highlighted,why it must change time to spring clean maybe even bring back a fathers influence to the young ladies that hormones have just kicked in,very childish behaviour BBC.

  9. What we really need to do is SCRAP THE TV LICENCE !
    The BBC isn't fit par purpose anymore. Horrifically biased and agenda driven propaganda for the left and Globalism.
    Cannot wait to see the BBC because a subscription service.

  10. boris is 100% correct to decriminalize the BBC licence fee, the corrupt anti-British BBC has been 100% biased in favour of Globalism, the EU and everything Politically Correct for decades, entirely contrary to those who fund its existence. The BBC is going to die a slow starving death, despised by the majority of the British people and quite rightly so.

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