Odd Squad Family – Smoke My Pain (Prod by AKT Aktion)

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Video Directed by Yung Mac Films (@yungmacfilms)

We hope you enjoy Odd Squad Family’s new song Smoke My Pain. This song is very meaningful and real as it talks about coping with depression, anxiety and other things with the use of medical marijuana. Some may agree and some may disagree, but everyone can relate to going through the mental strains in life and we all have different ways of coping. All of the members of Odd Squad Family are medical marijuana patients and proud advocates for marijuana and the legalization of marijuana as well.

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20 thoughts on “Odd Squad Family – Smoke My Pain (Prod by AKT Aktion)

  1. Love your message fellas.never stop no matter what. Keep going.every hurdle is a chance for glory.chase the dream.god bless this world and every single soul traveling thru it

  2. Man these guys r so true with their lyrics and their videos no big bootys or fancy cars n guns all u hear is calm lyrics blunts being blazed and not a single swear word either

  3. That just proves one can do what they put the mind too. Its truly crazy how many people struggle with anxiety and depression and this hit the heart. Mad love from shaunavon Saskatchewan

  4. Yo I fucking love the premise of you guys, I dont know anyone's name in the group but this of the best shit to hit the internet in these recent years. I gotta say y'all hella inspiring especially the homie whose an amputee and he still out here making moves makin music and raising his kid all with no hands and no legs that shits hard af I'm sure but he does it bro. I also really just gotta give all the props to y'all for them good beats and great flows. Keep doin what y'all do

  5. Just discovered you guys recently and this is my new jam right here! Thanks for puttin' this one out there and I wish I could like this one twice!

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