???? 10 most awesome and unusual pets

???? 10 most awesome and unusual pets

What can be better than having a nice and loving pet?
Of course, a cat or a dog is an endless source of high spirits and joy!
But some people prefer keeping in their houses much more exotic creatures.
Now I want you to see TOP 10 wild animals living with humans.

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20 thoughts on “???? 10 most awesome and unusual pets

  1. My friend has a deer at her house haven’t seen it yet but I’ve seen a picture. Like if you or your friend has one two

  2. I found a abandoned baby cheetah on a trip and it was injured so I took it home and it became my pet and it was so sweet

  3. Man who ever the commentator is needs to go back to school or learn what he's talking about.the segment with the hog.he kept calling it a boar and she.which is it.males are called boars and females are called sows.
    Theres a truck stop in Grosse Tete Louisiana that has Tony the tiger there and a few yrs ago they were trying to take him away from the owner.dont know what happened.but the owner throughout the yrs had raised,I think, 13 big cats.Tony was biig and beautiful and the owner would go in and play with him

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