MEET ALL OF MY PETS! (Over 30 Exotic Animals) 2018 | Tyler Rugge

Updated 2019 Meet my pets video:
Meet all of my pets! I introduce you guys to all of my animals. There are over 30 of then including dogs, birds, lizards, snakes, fish, a hedgehog, and more!


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20 thoughts on “MEET ALL OF MY PETS! (Over 30 Exotic Animals) 2018 | Tyler Rugge

  1. Dude the bald python gets up to 20feet long but I love animals and I'm just a 11 year old kid about to turn 12 this year

  2. The only animals I don’t like is mice and rats but other animals I love from reptiles to mammals and some rodents and I like spiders I think they are cute.

  3. When i saw the picture of the video and i saw the blue tongue skink i was like i have to watch this video and i was waiting and then i thought you dont really have it but it was the last one???? lol

  4. I used to have a sunflower conure too! Until my German Shepherd somehow found a way to him and bit him????????????

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