Most Dangerous Animals Kept As Pets

The most dangerous animals that real people are keeping as actual pets! You won’t believe these true stories of owners with: Lions, komodo dragons! Some people take their pet crocodile for a walk in the middle of the street! Others their mountain lion on a leash!

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Owning a fluffy dog or a cat is so mainstream these days, right? Exotic animals are all the rage, so how about adopting a lion, hippo, or a pack of hyenas instead? It might sound crazy, and you’re probably thinking that it’s both impossible and illegal, but we’re about to prove you wrong. Around the world there are some seriously unusual pets – we’re talking jungle cats, giant lizards, and even a type of dragon. If something goes wrong, these beasts could easily bite their owners’ heads off. Let’s just hope that they remain happy and well-fed…

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20 thoughts on “Most Dangerous Animals Kept As Pets

  1. My oldest brother has a pet anteater she's the cutest thing I've ever seen lol I like her better than my cat who is I think secretly plotting to kill me lmao

  2. I search up HYENA LEASH and the pictures ya'll showed were the first things that came up. and i wasn't even in images.

  3. Them hyenas of being abused they should not be kept as pets for entertainment. FUCKING sick

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