Stuffing Dead Pets | Taboo: Pets

Stuffing Dead Pets | Taboo: Pets

A taxidermist tries to recreate the spirit and expression of dead pets.
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Stuffing Dead Pets | Taboo: Pets

National Geographic
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20 thoughts on “Stuffing Dead Pets | Taboo: Pets

  1. One of my aunt has a whole stuffed tiger in her living room, I used to be terrified of it bc it was stuffed looking like it was going to attack with the teeth showing.

  2. They use a foam generic rabbit or a foam generic dog and every dog that goes out looks exactly the same so don't do this to your pet and just bury it.

  3. If my dog dies. This is what I'm thinking of doing so i can preserve him forever. I'd be too much for to let him go.

  4. My dog just got put down 2 weeks ago. She was my baby. I had her for 11 years, it’s been really hard for me to get over it
    But I’m glad I didn’t do this to her. RIP Precious ???????? I’ll see you soon, baby girl

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