10 Most ANNOYING "Unwritten Rules" in Sports

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Every sport has a number of “unwritten rules”. Even if something isn’t mentioned in the rule book, athletes are expected to follow certain standards. They don’t face repercussions from the league for breaking these unwritten rules, of course, but they receive retaliation from the opposition — along with plenty of media backlash.

Well, we think a handful of unwritten rules in sports are outdated and straight up ridiculous. It’s time for teams to simply agree to scrap such rules and call it fair game.

Today we present the 10 most ANNOYING “Unwritten Rules” in sports.

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20 thoughts on “10 Most ANNOYING "Unwritten Rules" in Sports

  1. Slow pitch hitting the ball back at the pitcher intentionally. Some leagues made rules or put up nets most leagues still unwritten rule.
    Number one cause of fights in all of sports and injuries.

  2. Talking trash or celebrating when you are losing and the play doesn’t have an impact in the result of the game. Should be a penalty in football it’s annoying.
    Then wining team player easily just follows up with “Scoreboard”

  3. MLB has the stupidest UWR and they are usually based around pitchers having the mentality of a child.

  4. I’ve always thought that if you don’t like it when the other team keeps running up the score, why don’t you try to stop them? Whatever sport it is, how about you show up on defense? The point of sports is to out score your opponent so you can win????????‍♂️ if a team is up big in say the 3rd quarter, do you really think they should just stop trying and keep punting the ball or not make a basket just to make the other team feel better?

  5. Shooting a puck at the goalie after the whistle is dangerous. It's also almost exclusively the action of a douche or Marchand.

  6. Unwritten rules are players being respectful to opposing players. Fan opinions don't matter nor should they. Fun fact: #1 unwritten rule across all of sports: Don't pull out your wiener in the middle of the game.

  7. As a bowler, I kinda get the #5 rule. We kinda have that too when someone is going for a 300, though we treat it a bit different. You can talk to the guy going for it, just don't bring up the fact that they are going for a 300 and definitely don't give advice.

  8. Of the 3 ice hockey ones non are a unwritten rule
    Shooting after the whistle is a written rule.
    Not touching a conference championship is a superstition.
    And offer sheets are rarely signed because they mean giving up a ton of draft capital and paying a guy more than they are worth to the point his current team can't sign him

  9. I did not read every comment. But what about the player who stuck his arm out to get hit by ball, to break up a perfect game with 2 outs in 9th against Max Scherzer of the Nationals ?

  10. What about the unwritten rule of no hitting below the belt. When I played football most people would not bother using a cup because of this.

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