Greatest "1 in a Million" Moments in Sports History

These are the craziest/luckiest plays/moments in sports, some of these aren’t exactly “1 in a million”, but they’re all close

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20 thoughts on “Greatest "1 in a Million" Moments in Sports History

  1. 6:17 I remember seeing this on sportscenter or something when it happened when I was a kid, thought I'd never see it again

  2. 3:18 I remember that game and I looked at the highlights and I saw a 1 in a million play and when Dawson did that I was shocked on the highlights . Dawson did that first though

  3. 9:41 Ah yes, the old behind the back 3 from the corner, while jumping out of bounds. Everyone practices those for years. Or, it was the luckiest shot I've ever seen, lol.

  4. 10:44 So THAT’S why Favre though it was a good idea to just chuck it up for grabs in OT against the Eagles in the playoffs.

  5. The fact that you don't have the ending to the Auburn Georgia game from 2013 means you've failed at this list.

  6. I dont remember who did it but what about the one were the MLB player threw his glove to catch the ball.

  7. These are the best examples of “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

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