"I can't say what I think or I'll get suspended!" | Jose Mourinho speaks out against VAR & referees

"I can't say what I think or I'll get suspended!" | Jose Mourinho speaks out against VAR & referees

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Jose Mourinho gave a remarkable post match interview following Tottenham’s 3-1 defeat to Sheffield United, giving his honest opinion on the controversial VAR decision to disallow a Spurs equaliser. Mourinho begins the interview by stating that he cannot say what he wants to see for fear of punishment by the FA or Premier League, and suggests that referees no longer have control of the game on the pitch, with vital decisions being made by the VAR.

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20 thoughts on “"I can't say what I think or I'll get suspended!" | Jose Mourinho speaks out against VAR & referees

  1. I prefer not to speak… I prefer to whinge and cry for nearly 3 mins ????you got done 3-1 princess ????

  2. WE ALL DO REALISE, DON'T WE what is happening in 2020 ???
    When I read " 1984" by George Orwell I never believed so many things would come true but it REALLY IS happening now.
    The big screens and Computers and Cameras and Technology are running things and if you dare to speak out you get fined.
    THANK YOU O LORD for allowing me to born in 1954 when we had total freedom in most walks of life. Now ? People are getting brainwashed…..Rules are rules etc….BULLSHIT…

  3. VAR="Rules ARE Rules" is selective garbage.
    I assume everyone saying that agrees they should be fined every time they do 31mph in a 30mph limit as " Rules ARE Rules"….

  4. I think a lot of us can identify with Jose here on how frustrating it is now to always be so PC in fear of what may happen, it's sad how truth and honesty have become a punishable offense now.

  5. Another step closer to Technocracy AI control big money at stake ,why not just have robots playing football the results could be preprogrammed ,or changed at the flick of a mouse

  6. Like Jose or not he is right, the games are being ref by a bunch of people in a studio in London not on the pitch.

  7. I don’t understand the argument that “they had to make the decision because those are rules”. Even with 10 different angles and super slo-mo it’s still not clear whether or not the ball even hits Moura’s hand or arm…

  8. I am not a Mourinho fan but do have a lot of sympathy for him here…That was a shocking decision to disallow their first goal. Whoever did the needs to be fired and never officiate another match ever again!!

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