The DUMBEST Plays In Sports History || COMPILATION

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Some times we wonder why do athletes do that or WTF if that athlete doing. The dumbest plays in sports history bring some of the best laughs so we decided to put together an epic compilation of the dumbest sports players ever.

So without further adieu, today we present The DUMBEST Plays In Sports History Ultimate Compilation

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20 thoughts on “The DUMBEST Plays In Sports History || COMPILATION

  1. What’s up everyone??? Does everyone like this style compilation video??? Should we make it a weekly video???

  2. Missed an opportunity there with “who’s on first”…it should have been “what’s on second”

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  4. That one with Bell was because the defender thought he was dipping out of bounds & didn’t want to get a late hit penalty.

  5. Nice video honestly but misleading title..American sports is not "sports history" ..Keep it up

  6. How is the Interception by Malcom Butler a dumb play. The Sehawks were just trying to pick play and they knew the Pats were expecting a run from Marshawn Lynch.

  7. Do they still play Professional Basketball in the NBA? I never really watch it. But over the years when I do catch a peak, it seems to me that the play, skills, and professionalism has gone way down.

  8. 7:357:40 This moron , like all of the so-called "professionals" in the perverted NBA doesn't know how/is unable to dribble properly and had already traveled/"walked" with the ball prior to his dumb pass to the opposing clown. These useless "Referees" have been reduced to the role played by a Professional Wrestling("wrastlin'")Referee, i.e. there for little more than decorative purposes.

  9. Why was Russell Wilson's Superbowl interception on here? He played what the coach called. It wasn't a boneheaded play on his part

  10. In the colts play, the plan was to catch the patriots with too many people on the field. There was never even supposed to be a play. The person that played center messed the play up.

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