When (And How) Will Pro Sports Return?

When NBA star Rudy Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus in early March, it set off a chain reaction of professional sports cancellations, the likes of which the country has never seen. Now, three months later, sports are slowly beginning to come back, although for fans, athletes and owners, things will never be the same. Watch this video for a timetable of how pro sports shut down, and how they’re reopening now.

The National Basketball Association has approved a plan to reopen its season after suspending games due to Covid-19, the league announced.

The NBA held its board of governors’ vote on Thursday where officials moved to restart games using 22 teams in a closed environment in Orlando, Florida. The decision was made in a 29-1 vote. League commissioner Adam Silver submitted the proposal last week.

The plan calls for players to begin traveling to Orlando on July 7, and for the season to resume on July 31. Each team will play eight regular season games before entering a full four-round playoff bracket. The season will end no later than Oct. 12 and the NBA draft is scheduled for Oct. 15.

The proposal needs to be approved National Basketball Players Association, and is also contingent on an agreement with Disney to use Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando as the location for all games, practices and housing for the remainder of the season.

Amid the ongoing pandemic, the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association are negotiating details concerning safety guidelines.

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How Pro Sports Leagues Plan To Make A Comeback During A Pandemic
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  1. Am I the only one that's been seeing these crowds at protests. The numbers still have not spiked. I think it's time to move on with our lives.

  2. In no Fing way am i paying a single tax dollar towards sports. the fans already throw enough money towards these companies(or NFl, NHL) to feed the world, and any speak of government intervention for sports( saying a bail out for not making interest payments for these leagues) has me freaking out and ready to run for prez to stop all that. No way someone making minimum wage have a portion of their taxes go to a signing bonus.

  3. I was watching liv vs man city and the match got over. Then I switched to watch the MLS and got bored so bad that I slept on the floor. My mother thought I passed out

  4. they are going way over board… I gotta go to work every day and no one at my work social distances in my warehouse… my co workers even pull down their mask to talk to you.. guess what… in 3 months of this pandemic.. not ONE case at my workj

  5. Won’t be buying tickets to watch millionaires protest the very country that gave them the opportunity to become millionaires.

  6. Stop fear mongering, also I would be willing to have one of those cards that I got vaccinated as long as neither one of them had a microchip or any way to track me

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