12 Top Underrated Places To Travel After Quarantine | Best Destinations 2020

12 Top Underrated Places To Travel After Quarantine | Best Destinations 2020

Here’s our 12 top places to travel after quarantine is over. These are the best underrated cities and destinations in the world to help with your planning for where to travel in 2020 once…⬇ More Below ✈ Our 220 page guide on how to travel non-stop — https://geni.us/9VHNx

Realistically, no one knows how much travel in 2020 we will all be able to do – but that hasn’t stopped people planning on where to travel after quarantine is over. To help with your travel planning we spent a few days pulling together our top 12 underrated places to travel for your next vacation or holiday.

There’s plenty of destinations we’ve been around the world that don’t quite get the love they deserve. This list of underrated cities and places to travel likely won’t be found on any other top places to travel kind of videos or blogs you find online.

Defining the best travel destination is almost impossible, we’re often asked about where our favourite place to travel is and we genuinely just don’t have an answer. Every holiday we’ve ever taken has something special about it, every destination has a positive and every city has neighbourhoods worth discovering off the beaten path.

Hopefully there’s a few places in this list that jump out for you and your 2020 travel plans will come together! See below for the vlogs that go along with all the destinations mentioned….

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Krakow, Poland — https://geni.us/uCKeIa
Asturias, Spain — https://geni.us/hCA4Y
Albanian Riviera, Albania — https://geni.us/CBTVaY
Nusa Penida, Indonesia — https://geni.us/15JP1
Mexico City, Mexico — https://geni.us/3DqSJjL
Rarotonga, Cook Islands — https://geni.us/7l8Qdn
Chiang Mai, Thailand — https://geni.us/L27A6
Istanbul, Turkey — https://geni.us/B8LA4Hn
Lewis & Harris, Scotland — https://geni.us/sEfl77H
Bay Of Islands, New Zealand — https://geni.us/uiOvbE
Croatia, Zagreb — https://geni.us/3IrcDSS
Paxos & Anti Paxos islands, Greece — https://geni.us/DQew0CG

Chiang Mai Top Things To Do — https://geni.us/D8M0LA
Zagreb Cost Of Living — https://geni.us/lTVuN
Zagreb Reasons To Visit — https://geni.us/BDbmZ

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Hey, we’re Dane & Stacey! Full-time travellers, digital nomads and content creators from New Zealand. We mix things up between finding the best experiences in more well known destinations and going off the beaten path to underrated travel spots, capturing it all to share. Authentic, genuine, cinematic and informative is our goal — we want you to feel like you’re experiencing the day with us.
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20 thoughts on “12 Top Underrated Places To Travel After Quarantine | Best Destinations 2020

  1. Enjoy the wanderlust! Playlists for each of these places are in the description above ???????? — Keep safe, Dane & Stacey

  2. Thanks for the heads up on some of your recommendations. I would like to suggest two specific places >> Tangier, Morocco and stay at Hotel El Muniria (specifically the Jack Kerouac room); Sidi Ifni, Morocco (stay at the 1930's art deco Suerte Loca Hotel). Hope you enjoy. knd rgds, James

  3. I have to agree with what you said about Krakow and R arotonga, both were amazing places to visit. Now I just have to figure out what place on your list to visit next! Croatia is definitely high on the list. Thanks for another great video, although the 2k followers video was pretty good too! ????

  4. Question: we want to gift our mom a mother – twin daughters week in a European city. She's not very mobile (recovering from a double lung surgery last year) so would need to feel special, and slightly outerworldly yet accessible. With covid, we assume we won't step beyond The European schengen. Tips?

  5. Hi daneger and stacey I asking you guys you have a plant to comeback here in the Philippines I wish but not now and this situation but I've waiting to come back here be safe always support you

  6. This is such a well thought out and produced video! I feel so lucky to have been to Albania.. Some of the nicest and most helpful locals I've come across. It felt so odd coming from the more touristy parts of Europe where you expect everyone to be trying to rip you off. In Albania they genuinely just wanted you to have the best time and enjoy their country!
    I would also add Slovenia – exceptionally lovely people who are so proud and excited to have tourism in their country, and you get the Alps for A LOT cheaper than Switzerland or Austria

  7. hey guys – nice video – i really want to visit New Zealand now ???????? i enjoyed watching ! cannot wait when we all can carry on traveling ! i live in China- so if you decide to visit Qingdao – please hit me up – i will show you around! and btw if anyone wants to have a look at how life in China looks like today – welcome to my channel, thanks for sharing – SUB????

  8. Yes to Istanbul & Zagreb! I fell in love with Ljubljana (Slovenia), Romania, Bulgaria and Tbilisi (Georgia) and would recommend them. And now I have new places to add to my list!

  9. Great list guys. I might have said it before but I think you would like Caye Caulker Belize. I had to cancel my Thailand and Cuba Trip this year which is a bummer. But videos like this give me more ideas.

  10. Love hearing that you spend quite a bit of time in each location. It shows in the quality of your work and the fact that you really seem to get a feel for the people and the general vibe of each destination.

  11. You must tour the 9 Azores Islands….they are the most beautiful with the most amazing people and history….just amazing….go in July if you can start on the Island of Sao Miguel and then tour the other islands from there…and if you like wine….this is the place for you!!..Spent 3 weeks here last July and it was the most amazing of all the places we have been…you never know what is around the next corner…viv

  12. This was so well done. It obviously took quite some time to select the top twelve and then prepare a concise and meaningful narrative. Well, you nailed it! I absolutely love both of your voices and believe me you could add so much to any commercial or video by just adding your wonderful tone and expression. Thanks so much for preparing this for us. Two of my favorite people.

  13. Thank you for putting my island Nusa Penida, we love your support! Hope to see here one day

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