20 Best Travel Destinations of 2020

20 Best Travel Destinations of 2020

Don’t you love the feeling of exploring a destination you’ve never been to? I do too. Using my best 4K footage from around the world I’ll show you the TOP 20 BEST TRAVEL DESTINATIONS that you must visit in 2020.

I’ll show you where to travel, what to do and when to go, plus how to save money. Let’s make this the best year of travel and exploration yet.

I’m Alex, I’m a travel filmmaker, photographer, and TV host. On this channel, I’ll share some travel vlogs, practical inspirational videos from lessons I’ve learned in my life and photography/ filmmaking tips to help you learn new skills and grow your creativity.

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Here’s a list of all the 20 Best Travel Destinations to visit in 2020.
1) The Cook Islands
2) Bhutan
3) Japan
4) The Netherlands
5) Morocco
6) The United Kingdom
7) Tanzania
8) Ireland
9) Costa Rica
10) Slovenia
11) Chilean Patagonia
12) India
13) Antarctica
14) Laos
15) Spain
16) Poland
17) Uzbekistan
18) Sri Lanka
19) New Zealand
20) Alaska

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20 thoughts on “20 Best Travel Destinations of 2020

  1. Hey Vagabonds, which destination are you MOST EXCITED about TRAVELING to in 2020? Let me know in the comments!

  2. The Basque Country is also a top destination in Spain. One of the best cuisines in the entire world, beautiful beaches and mountains and charming villages!

  3. Thank you, you insired me to go out and travel and see the world, love on the people and all creation. Mark 16:15. I will go and bless the world Luke 4:18-19.

  4. Hi Alex! I met your brother in Paris last year – crazy how much has changed since then! Do you have any trips planned for fall or winter? I just found 10 countries that are open for international travel now 🙂

  5. despite 2020 didn't start well and it still bad at this moment. watching ur video, i just feel blessing, for the place i have been, for the place i put in my list.

  6. Now we can't travel because of coronavirus but I still want to see the Cook Islands Fiji French Polynesia Canada the the entire u.s. Mexico Caribbean Samoa Vanuatu Italy Portugal Greek Islands Spain Ireland Scotland New Caledonia I know that's a lot thank you for your videos

  7. What a amazing and inspiring video!! Can’t believe you also mentioned my beautiful country Slovenia 🇸🇮
    I have visited 110 countries and I couldn’t agreed more! I just started my channel and watching your is giving me more motivation ✨ thank you for sharing

  8. you must go to indonesia
    it has complate package for vacation. such as rain tropical forest.clean beach.coral park .komodo island.bali island.more than 100 mountain,rivers.very kind culture.region.temple.exotic historis bulding.and complete the best food in the word (rendang,nasi goreng by CNN version),etc for uniqly

  9. I guess mentioning Galicia, makes my Portuguese heart warm since it’s so close to us both by language but also food and culture too, but also since portugal wasn’t mentioned ❤️ .

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