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Barcelona – dive into the Catalan creativity that has defined the city and draws millions to its heart each year. After this video, you’ll see why!

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#Barcelona is perhaps most famous for the masterpiece La Sagrada Familia and the other works of architect, Antonio Gaudi, strewn across the city. Be sure not to miss them, but keep in mind that this is a #vacation #destination with so much more on offer. A #trip to Barcelona means a stay in one of Europe’s great cities.

From its world heritage sites to its sunlit beaches, and all the galleries and museums in between, Barcelona will keep you busy. Follow our journey through the beautiful Spanish city and note your favorite #attractions for when you start planning a trip of your own!

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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20 thoughts on “Barcelona Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. We spent days exploring Barcelona, but as everyone who has ever visited quickly discovers, it would take weeks just to scratch the surface. What’s your favourite travel trip for Barcelona?

  2. I really appreciate the high quality of these videos. I just noticed the music is composed especially for them and changes with each site. I love how the accent changes with the region! These videos cover all the basics and give an authentic and idyllic view of the cities, which you can tell if you watch one from a place you've been to. And I know they're trying to sell me flights but I don't care!

  3. I think lives in Barcelona most people be very happiness. because there is music and green earth with city blend together

  4. One of the most beautiful city I have visited, September/October 2018, will be back

  5. no matter where you go in europe it looks all the same. the buildings, streets, vegetation, trees and so on. i was once told by a british person that travelling through europe was all the same. but travelling through america is like going from one country to another. america has various landscapes and scenery which makes it one of the most diverse countries in the world. new york looks so different from california. california looks so much different from arizona. i think you get the picture.

  6. ı want to live in barcelona.because barcelona is beaituiful city which has a ancient a lot of improved to also in the sea.there are lots of harbour and seascape.and also there are lots of museums which they contains historic of famous with also sailors,ın here the sea is fascinating.and ı love a mus,c so here is for me music in everywhere in barcelona and ı want to go national art museum of catolonia ı wonder soo much renaissance.and of course ı want to spend time in the famous beaches casa vicens it is first designed by this future architectural superstar it is is start of the modernisim.ıf ı rich in a day ı will buy house which designed by Gaudi.La sagrada familia is the biggest and most beaituiful structur ever ı see of course ı want to live in dream city.

  7. Les commentaires sont ne anglais. Les espagnols nés après Franco ont appris l'anglais en première lange. Tout cela pour dire que certains de ces commentaires sont malintentionnés.

  8. one of the most beautiful places i have ever seen … I will see you soon barcelona !!

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