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Berlin – Germany’s capital city has had a long and storied past, making it a fascinating place to visit today. Check out the top sights in Berlin!

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Your #Berlin #vacation should include a #tour of the incredible architecture of the city owed to its lengthy history. From the Charlottenburg Palace to the Bahn Tower, you’ll find plenty to look at in the city’s downtown area. Stop by Prater Garten for a German brew—built in 1837, it’s one of few buildings that has survived both World Wars.

#Visit Museum Island, located in the Spree River. It features five museums where you can explore the art of numerous cultures, or wander through a replica of the Ishtar Gate.

If you’re looking for a thriving nightlife, Berlin is the place to go. When the sun sets on the city, the party really begins, and you can find any number of clubs where you can dance until long after the sun comes up.

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  1. I am from The Netherlands🇳🇱! a few years ago, I went to this wonderful German🇩🇪 capital and I must say it was so beautiful as well! I would like to go back for 1 time in the future!

  2. I love Berlin, there were great memories left….green, passion, modern, history and pleasure place…also drink beer at alexander platz, hahaha

  3. im definitely the only one planning on a trip to berlin someday even though im still a middle schooler and can't even afford the money to go to starbucks (smt called parents who doesn't give money but im actuallly ok with it)

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