INSIDE AFGHANISTAN 2019 (Extreme Travel Afghanistan)

So I decided to take a trip to Afghanistan and this is what happened…
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UNICEF NZ supported me to travel to Afghanistan. Read more about their good work here:

Appreciate your support!

This video is part of a United Nations and UNICEF fundraising project. UN supported campaign.

20 thoughts on “INSIDE AFGHANISTAN 2019 (Extreme Travel Afghanistan)

  1. Here we go Afghanistan, hope you are ready for a lot of content from this war torn but extremely misunderstood corner of the world.
    A huge thank you for Unicef making this trip possible. If you want to donate to the children of Afghanistan (which will save lives) then follow this link to the custom Indigo Traveller/Unicef page:
    Otherwise sharing also helps heaps, thank you! 🙏 🇦🇫

  2. Hello! Amazing video! I have a question: do you think is safe for woman (like 2 ladies together) travel alone in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan? I really want but this country but I need know if is safe or if is better pay for a guide. Thank you!

  3. With the amount of gems diomonds in the mountain they sell worth trillions.

    No war.

    Childrens go education to school…

    Yes than afghanistan becomes the next dubai….

  4. just because you mentioned you weren't payed by any corporation to make this video makes me suspicous that u did

  5. it's really sad to know how some people still live, no structure, no health stuff, no security, i can't stand to see children suffering, it makes me down! i hope we can live in a better world soon! Bless

  6. The situation is getting better in Afghanistan, if I see videos like this. I am from pakistan but i am living in germany since i am 2 years old. I visited my hometown many times and these two countries looks so similar. The culture, the people or even the language. With my Urdu knowledge I could certainly get along very well in Afghanistan.There are some problems from stupid terrorism in Afghanistan, but I hope that the relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan gets better in the future. Btw sry for my bad english. 🇵🇰=🇦🇫

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