Rush to book summer breaks in Europe after deal to lift travel restrictions – BBC News

Travel firms are seeing a huge rush to book summer holidays after a new deal means restrictions on travel to many countries in Europe will be lifted from July 6th.

A new “traffic light” system will set risk levels for individual countries – with a “Green” rating allowing unrestricted travel. Many destinations including France, Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey are likely to be open to British tourists.

It means that holidaymakers will be able to return to the UK without having to self-isolate for 14 days.  The Foreign Office will also lift its advice against ‘all but essential travel’ to low or medium-risk destinations, making it possible to obtain travel insurance.

However the continued easing of restrictions will depend on the UK maintaining a low level of coronavirus infections, in order for other countries to accept British tourists.

Kate Silverton presents BBC News reporting by Transport Correspondent Tom Burridge.

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20 thoughts on “Rush to book summer breaks in Europe after deal to lift travel restrictions – BBC News

  1. Anyone know where to find what countries we can travel to? Can't find it, idk if the list is available yet?

  2. 2 women have contracted the Wuhan virus after drinking from the same cup at a restaurant, want proof google 2 girls 1 cup

  3. It’s too early for this, I’m just scared because what if a load of people come in the UK with corona again

  4. Holiday destinations tried opening up only to the safest countries but because their people are too sensible and aren't rushing to travel yet it forced their hands. Trust me we don't want you we want your money and you're the only ones stupid enough to give it us ????

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  6. Well I booked my hoilday in January for September and unfortunately I could not cancel without losing my money. If the hoilday company cancel my travel insurance will cover it, as it was booked before March ( anything book after 1st March or any changers they will not cover) and I have not made any changers to it. I feel like I am caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

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