Top 10 Best Places to Travel After Quarantine

Top 10 Best Places to Travel After Quarantine

Best places to travel after quarantine. Eventually, things will clear up and travel will pick up again. Until then, stay home and stay safe!

I’m currently riding this out in Orlando. Not sure when or where I’ll be able to travel next, but I have plenty of videos to share from recent trips around Colombia and more from Sri Lanka. If you’re reading this, say hi in the comments 🙂


Kawasan Falls:

San Gil: coming soon

Kuang Si Falls:

Monument Valley:

Tumpak Sewu:



Ha Giang:

Austin’s Tayrona video:
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20 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Places to Travel After Quarantine

  1. All these places look beautiful I'd like to see the Caribbean Costa Rica some of Mexico more of the u.s. Europe Fiji French Polynesia I like your enthusiasm and happiness

  2. I just visited Kiang Si Falls in Laos on Valentines Day. It was one of the things my mom wanted me to do before coming back to the states. I didn’t get to do much besides jump in, plus I was there with family who are from there so I had to be modest.

  3. There are incredible destinations WITHIN the US you must explore outside of all the 'exotic' destinations featured…

  4. Omg I miss travelling soo much… I’m Italian and our country is surely beautiful, I’ll surely visit my country this summer, but there is something so fascinating about visiting other countries

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