Top 10 Countries You Can Travel To NOW [Open for Tourism!]

Ready to travel again? Here are 10 places you can visit right now! Ten countries open for travel during COVID-19. Where do you want to go first? Check out more travel tips and resources below:

Top 10 Countries (Timestamps and more travel videos! ???? ):

1. 00:10 Albania
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– Lake Skadar: (tag at 1:15)
– Albania Travel Vlog:

2. 1:33 Belarus
– Belarus Visa-Free Travel:

3. 2:55 Cambodia
– Visit Cambodia Tourism Board:

4. 4:10 Cyprus
– Living in Cyprus Video:
– Cyprus Tourism Board and COVID Updates:

5. 5:04 Mexico
– Cancun Airport:

6. 6:26 Montenegro
– Montenegro Travel Vlog:
– Budva:
– Kotor:

7. 7:10 Serbia
– Serbia Vlog:
– Exit Festival:
– Belgrade Hotel (Nomad Suites):

8. 8:24 Slovenia –

9. South Korea
– South Korea COVID-19 Portal:
– South Korea Travel Advisories:

10. St. Vincent & The Grenadines
– Related: St. Lucia

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20 thoughts on “Top 10 Countries You Can Travel To NOW [Open for Tourism!]

  1. I hope after this nightmare you can visit Cusco Peru because tour guides in Cusco are self-employed, This pandemic kill our job more than pandemic assassinate people, thanks to Pachamama the Covid 19 is week at the altitud located at 11,152 feet (3,399 meters) because of the lack of oxygen and dry weather plus the sun exposition means Covid 19 needs to drink Our Coca Tea to no suffer altitude sickness, I guess by this time I am glad to be an INCA , as I say we don't have Covid¨19 but bordes are close and coast and rainforest suffering with the pandemic but the tour guides we fuck … I wait for you in 2021 in my home the INCA LAND free of any nasty disease… or when the bright people give the world the precious vaccine…

  2. Im mexican and i loved the way you talked about my country… Mexico never closed their borders, its opened for tourism and now they have the certification for safe travel

  3. Hi We just discovered you channel and love it. Our channel focus is Mexico as you probably guessed by the name.

  4. I thought you need a negative covid test which is not older than 2 days for visiting belarus. Can someone help me. I want to visit Minsk ????

  5. Wonderful videos by a beautiful young woman. Thanks for posting.
    IF you havent been to Guanajuato Mexico consider a trip in fall for a festival called Cervantino.
    The month of October is dedicated to for Spanish author Cervantes.

  6. Hi Kristin ,

    Can you do a video on countries in the Caribbean. They are opening soon as they have had a low Covid count in some places. Thanks!

  7. Mexico ???? hell naw completely unsafe. People will be plotting waiting to rob/kidnap you!

  8. Nice video???? Very informative.

    One thing though. The woosh sound was overused and annoying. Made the video hard to follow.

  9. Hi Kristin. Do you know if US is allowing tourist by air right now? I'm Colombian with tourist visa and I would like to travel from Canada to US by the end of this month. Thank you.

  10. Do you know if croatia is open to us travelers? And also I have a connecting flight to croatia from an airport in Vienna is this allowed? I hadn’t seen anything online

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