Triple h best entrance ever

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20 thoughts on “Triple h best entrance ever

  1. HHH can basically be a good or a bad guy. What a talent☝️ I'll never forget mimicking the water spit everyday while taking a bath ?

  2. I love this guy for more than a decade. Love his swag, his cockiness his attitude his ringwork and more. But…I cannot stand the way he fell lamely "for the sake of business". Who knows what would have happened if he is the IT man now

  3. Imagine triple h spitting that water out today they would shut down the arena call in the cdc because people are so fcking paranoid

  4. That's when wrestling was still fun to watch. It's like ever other on tv now it's a watered down version of its glory days.

  5. This was so great because no one knew it was coming. No one ever thought trips would get a bigger pop than taker

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