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Utopia – Official Trailer

Utopia – Official Trailer

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20 thoughts on “Utopia – Official Trailer

  1. Wow so read through the comments and decided to watch the original. Did then couldn't get enough so started watching the new one, and wow everyone is right its terrible next to the original. Very clear tacky rip off.

  2. Too much truth in this show so they canned it.
    COVID-19 = 100 + 79(ASCII) + 5 + 1 + 500 = 685 – 19 = 666. Explain that!

  3. Wow.. REM + Cusack.. I couldn't possibly hate this more. Made by Bezos, the bloated tick that needs popping.

  4. This show is the representation of what Hollywood has become a murderous narcissistic propaganda machine…..People need to start turning their backs on all this demonic bullshit

  5. Wow, I'm surprised you all are not tearing Hollywood down after they keep rubbing all this predictive
    programming in your faces. A they have the nerve to think this is all some quirky hipster comedy…
    while people are suffering & dying, and many more will be soon.
    – Never mind, I'm sure everyone will rent/stream/buy this insulting bullshit and still expect a better future anyway.
    Bye bye.

  6. I remember watching the original version of the series and thinking to myself how it seems to be a prediction of what’s the come several years later and look

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