WMG Submits Yet More Fraudulent Copyright Claims

This system is even more broken than MK11 Raiden.
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20 thoughts on “WMG Submits Yet More Fraudulent Copyright Claims

  1. Same happens to me my channel is only for entertainment purposes from my tiktok videos which I "recorded on tiktok"

  2. I’m a small youtuber no one really cares about me and I got copyrighted they can’t even let me get at least 10 views

  3. I did a cover of a damn Steven universe song. I hate the show. But that one song was beautiful. I barely post. I don't make a penny. And it only had 700 views. I got copyrighted for it and there's others with literally thousands of views. I'm sure they get some sort of revenue and it sends people to their patreon. So like, what the fuck was wrong with mine. I'm just a digital artist that wanted to post a cover 😓

  4. Just got the same strike on my brand new video that i had to delete not even after 50seconds i had to make a new video

  5. They should die r8 now… I wanted to report gta v glitch, they told me to sent on yt but hell yeah ytbs copyright system. With 0 subs and videos who's gonna make money? Me? I hope they'll die asap. Today itself

  6. My friend got copyrighted just because she apparently used their music, and I’m sure that she gave them credit but they probably didn’t even give a crap and still reported her

  7. I made an lyrical vedio for more than one hour…. 😑 WMG blocked me….for copyright claim
    😷Really it felt sad
    Can anyone give me solution for this…is this vedio is really working.

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